Thursday, 4 August 2011

Test realm funtimes.

I’ve been quite busy lately, and I’d like to tell you all it’s because I’ve been snowed under and I haven’t been able to get out of my house and the internet’s been down and lots of exciting adventures occurred, but it can really be summed up in one word.


Even though I managed to get in on the first day due to being in Britain and awake at 8am, I kind of haven’t closed the tab since Sunday… So… Yeah. I’m not obsessed… Not really… (RainCloak**, guys.)

I’ve also been playing some Doodle Dug on the game site. I like the game site. It has three of my favourite games on there. That said, I do love a nice round of Choo-Choo Zoo. (But it’s frustrating when there’s a thingy in the corner and the pieces aren’t right so they need to swap around and you have to wait for ages and ages and argh! *ahem* I am calm.)

Anyway, I did have a go at the test realm this morning and, besides the obvious buying loads of awesome stuff just because I can thing, it was cool. And because I’m a HP nerd, when I saw “Spiral Cup” my mind went immediately to “TRIWIZARD CUP” hyperdrive and I picked up my copy of Goblet of Fire and read for a while. Then I went back to my computer, logged in again (I’d been disconnected due to inactivity) and resolved to continue in a more reserved manner.

11:29 - Champions? I like where this is going.
11:31 – I’m still getting over Pigswick. Ha. PIGFARTS.
11:34 – Wait. So all the students are pigs?
11:36 – It crashed! Noooooooooooooooo!
11:39 – I’m sorry – Chamber of the Basilisk? What?!
11:40 – At least it’s not in a bathroom. –_–
11:43 – I do not appreciate this “Aura” nonsense.
11:45 – Hm. They seem to be making a big thing of the ring. Bet it gets stolen or is used as some sort of plot device.
11:48 – Wait…. They talk in English accents?! Have they been doing that all this time? Did I only just notice because I don’t really notice the accents where I come from? Hm?
11:51 – Chester Droors? How droll.
11:52 – What is this thing? Yes, I did think “Oh, is that a yeti? Teaching? I’d never expect that?”

And I won’t go into any further detail, but needless today I got some further laughs out of unexpected teaching creatures. I figure that by now I should probably have got over the talking animals thing… But sometimes I can’t help myself. Ha. Also there is a giant fish. I don’t understand how the air thing works, but I think after all this time I should sort of just go with it.

Rabbits have exceptionally poor Scottish accents.

Diviner OUT!