Friday, 24 December 2010

Um… *awkward shuffle*

So… Um… About that story…

Well, it started being a short story, then it turned into a middle-length story… And now it’s become a long story, and so, um, it isn’t finished yet. Therefore, this is also a lame post.

I don’t even really have any pictures to show you that I haven’t already.

I suppose the only thing left to say is… Er… Merry Christmas?

Diviner OUT!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

New Header!

Hey look! I made a new header and it is wonderfulish. Well, part of “Diaries” got cut off, along with my arm… Well, you win some, you lose some. Either way, this won’t be up for long because – holy heckhounds – tomorrow is Christmas Eve!


Irrelevant picture.

Also, congratulations to me on making it to day four! Oh yes!

Anyway, I don’t really have much to say in this puny little post. :( Sorry if you read this lameness. Just trying to keep it going!

4th day, yeah. Tomorrow I think I will post either a short story or some poems to make up for the nothingness in this post, bar a picture of a Kraken’s tail.

Ok, bai!

Diviner OUT!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Posting every day: third edition!

I have to say actually getting to day three is something of an accomplishment for me. It is dreadfully exciting to actually be making headway on a project.

That said, today I have literally nothing to talk about. I haven’t been able to get on the Wizardlandgame, other than a little bit of WizardBlox earlier, because I was playing out in the snow (snow!), reading fanfiction ( has some brilliant stories, I must say… And some bad ones… I was reading a Harry Potter fic earlier… Haha, anyway…) and building a den, from which I am now blogging. (I’m never too old for dens. I especially like this one because not only does it contain my laptop, but also my phone, CDs, and Harry Potter books. I could never be bored in here!)

So… I think I’ll play on Wizard101 now! Ooh, in game silent night cap?

*some time later*

I have returned with screen caps!

1) I sold my Krokotopia house and most of its contents. But! Not all! I still left enough to dedicate a room in my house to the land of manders and crocodiles.


Second shot:


Yay, Krokotopia!

2) Have I ever told you what my favourite world is? ROOM:

MB rocks

Unlike a lot of wizards, I love Marleybone. So so much.

3) I made a Christmas outfit! (With my oh-so-epic staff.)

xmas shot

(Side note – conversation with Nat yesterday…

Nat: I have a sword! It’s awesome!
Me: Wow awesome!
Nat: Do YOU have a sword?
Me: … Yeah.
Nat: ??? … That’s a staff in the shape of a candy cane.
Me: It is a sword. It’s a strange shape.


Diviner OUT!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Crab Alley

[Forenote: Look, I’m posting today! 2nd day and still not forgotten! Pretty good by my standards, huh?]

Ok, so remember that Selena Gomez thing a while back?

Well, when I logged into W101 today, I remembered that I’d marked Crab Alley from before it was taken off, so, naturally, I teleported right there.


I love that place. I just like the swimming, and seeing as I can’t get to Celestia… Anyway, seeing as I knew I couldn’t get to it the normal way, I decided I’d just mark it again, like I was doing before the last update.

Until Mr “Can’t be marked” Bubble started to tell me off when I tried to do that. :( No more Crab Alley! I even tried to get Nat to teleport and mark it, but then the “Your friend is busy right now” message decided to poke its nose in… (I should stop personifying error messages.)

Sad times, for all. But indeed, at least I have the glory of being probably the last person to ever go there.

LAST SCREENCAP THERE TIME (complete with epic Sweet Staff, because hey, it’s Christmas)


I think I’m gonna miss that place. *nostalgia* Ah, when I first heard that annoying music…


Diviner OUT!

Monday, 20 December 2010


Hello again! You probably didn't expect to see me so soon, did you now? I think my posting laziness has been taking its toll. Not only that, but I haven't really been on Wizard101 in... ages.

What can I say? Make more lame excuses?

I don't doubt that anyone reading this is tired of hearing that. So, let me just say that my piano exam is over, it is the holidays, and I have no homework, therefore making my absence now inexcusable. On that note, I think I will make an announcement.

There are no excuses any more. I will be posting every day from now until I go back to school on the 4th January. Yes, you have to put up with my rants every day until then!

So, in other news.

I haven't had a try on test OR live realm, so I will give you my thoughts in a later post. Should be fun.

This blog is exactly one year and one week old today. Wow.

I has nothings yet.

See the side-y thing? I have blog places for you to go.

You should have done this already, but if not, 1) You are insane, and 2) Go read the awesome blogs! Clicky click click in the blogroll!

This has been fun, or boring, depending on whether you like insanity or not.

Diviner OUT!

Monday, 6 December 2010

*awkwardly sidles into frame* *waves even more awkwardly*

Um, hi there.

Do you remember me? At all?



I’ve been quite busy. I’m sorry. I completely ignored this blog.


I should stop making excuses.

[set tone to “random”]


NaNoWriMo + (legitimate excuses^procrastination)= FAIL :(
(There’s always next year! NB: optimism x idiocy = FAIL also NB2: what I have written is terrible and I have deleted the file because it sucks so much)

(I like maths. (I am British. (Lalala.)))

STORY = no updation. BUT.

Writing newsies!

I have set up a account because I like reading books and playing games and other things that I then feel the urge to write about! This means also that you can tell me how wonderful/terrible/mediocre my story is and tell me what things I should do to make it gooder! You can also correct my grammar which is probably necessary! I should stop using exclamation marks! … Well that didn’t work. Anyway! (ahhhh) *thumbs up* (nothing’s there yet)

I think that is all the newsies.

I have not done much. [colon open bracket]

I will try to do much! [colon close bracket]

Diviner OUT! [penguin]

Excuses: school, homework, SNOOOOOOW (it snowed! LOTS!), piano exam (18th, wish me luck), distracting video games (curse you, hard puzzles on Professor Layton!).