Thursday, 16 February 2012

It’s not MY fault…

“… What do you mean, thirteenth day? Never heard of something so ridiculous. Nope. No. Did not promise to do that at all.”

… So. Hi guys!

If you’re wondering where I’ve been for the last month and a bit, you can blame any of the following:

  • British TV for being ridiculously addictive (well, not all of it, but some is ridiculously good).
  • School musicals (I wasn’t in it, exactly. I played saxophone in the orchestra accompanying thing… yep…)
  • LOZ: Skyward Sword.
  • Also its music. (So good.)
  • Exams.
  • The concept of procrastination when combined with all of the above.

See? Not my fault, is it?

Well, maybe a little bit.

So, updations!

1) I have played WizardBlox more than I have played Wizard101. *shakes head* I know. But my phone is much more portable. Also, did I tell you guys I got to 45? Because I got to 45! *mini party times*

2) It’s my birthday! Soon! Now, I already have a lot of crowns… buuuuuut… you know that not so long ago (just kidding, ages ago) I got really excited about a bundle being available anywhere? That includes here! This island thing! So that might be a thing in the future…

3) On the other hand, on my actual birthday, I have a D of E walk. (Duke of Edinburgh… It’s this award thing you can do here, and is quite fun because you get to go on expeditions and stuff.) Basically, I have to walk twelve miles on my birthday. I mean, last year I don’t think I even went outside on my birthday. Eesh, outside…

4) When I said I hadn’t been on W101 much, I meant it. I meant it to the extent that I didn’t even notice that I no longer had a subscription until today.


Well, I shan’t give up. Yearly subscription for teh birthday, perhaps? Either way, I’ll still be here, making annoying comments and writing elaborate stories. I have this idea for another Wizard101 fanfiction that’s just stewing in my brain, but I kind of wanted to finish TTOAS before I go do that. So it could be finished in just a few small parts.



Diviner OUT!