Saturday, 30 January 2010

Ah, that's better...

I changed the header. It's not great, but MS Paint has limitations, you know. I don't have any fancy Photo-editing programmes, so it's all I've got for now.

See below for pic.

KRAKEN! KRAKEN! KRAKEN! And I need to change that header... it sucks

As you may have guessed...

I just dinged 22! Which means...

Yes, Kraken! Awesome! Now Nat can't rub it in my face that he has it and I don't! I get Skeletal Pirate too, but I don't really care about that. To be honest, I think the best thing about Death is Feint. Four more levels! And Doom and Gloom for PvP. Eleven more levels!

Also, whilst I was down in Nightside I learnt Soothe from the Death tree, which isn't that interesting and to be honest I don't actually get how it works but I want to learn all the storm spells.

I also got a new robe from some quest, which is quite cool. It gives me accuracy, and there isn't a diviner anywhere that says no to accuracy boosts!


Now I have Storm symbols everywhere! YAY! I am awesome! It's called the Charged Garment, I think.

But you know what robe I'd really like? One like Susie Gryphonbane's. It's so cool!

See? I've searched and searched in the Bazaar, and nothing. WHY DO THE STUDENT NPCs GET SUCH AWESOME CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY????

Anyway, point 2. My header sucks. I need to change it. I WILL change it. ASAP. And the title. I'm thinking... Hmm, well, it has to have journal in it... and it needs to have alliteration... I'll think about that.

See ya in the Spiral!

Picture of the Day:

Bad doggy! Down, Midnight! You know you're not allowed on the table!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Goodbye Pyramid of the Sun, Hello Krokosphinx


I'm out of the Pyramid of the Sun! In Krokosphinx Island! I have the picture of me on the boat to prove it!

Yay! The boat ride is awesome! And the Junior Archaeologist badge! Lol, I used to want to be an archaeologist when I grew up. And if you're wondering where I got that hat, it was a drop... From...


The Queen of Krokotopia (so to speak) gave me an AWESOME hat! Yay again! I was helping Nat, so, yes, he is now in Marleybone. He dinged 28 in the Tomb, just after the Test of Aptitude. Lol, he didn't get it, I had to help. But we did it!

Okay, I know getting into the next area isn't as big as getting into MARLEYBONE, which I consider the world of AWESOME, but I'm still pretty glad. The Palace of Fire is sooooooo dull. And he's already nearly level 29. Darn it, I just hit 21.

Lol, the voices in Krokotopia may be weird, but Nat and I cracked up when we heard the 'English' Marleybone voices. XD

Anyway, I ported to him straight away (naturally) and decided to have some fun running around Regent's Square. Then he showed me the housing shop, and I previewed the Royal Estate. I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I'm saving up for it. I have about 16,000 gold. And I WANT IT! But I'll have to wait. Sigh... Then again, the Storm house is awesome, and the Myth, and Life, and Ice, and... y'know.

Hmmm... I think everything will be harder from here on in, because I haven't done any of this before. Well, not properly, just helping Nat with a few bosses. So, yeah... ... ... ... ... ...

I WANT A ROYAL ESTATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See ya in the Spiral! (Well, probably not. But y'know...)

Picture of the day:

Nat and I just before the Krokopatra battle! He would like to inform you that he has since updated his outfit. Lol.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Minion Time! YAY!

As you may have guessed...

I get my minion! Just dinged lvl 18! Going to do quest now! I don't like Krok! That was random! Still! I get my minion!

I get some note thing from Prof Balestrom, saying he 'needs my assistance'. So I port straight to my dorm room. Then I go talk to him.

He says:

And that he will teach me how to summon a minion and go talk to Harold Argleston. Cue Quest: Inquisition Mission. PORT! RUN!

Harold says:

And adds:

Honestly! Back to Ravenwood. PORT! RUN! KROK!

Zan'ne says:

So I run upstairs...

Get excited...

And go talk to Professor Balestrom.

He says:

And adds:

Argh! Krok! Again! Just give me the minion, will you? POR-- Wait, just RUN!

I go to the well, fully expecting to be done quickly and...

What does this mean?

Lightning bats! Lol, they had the most ridiculous squeaky voices. Ridiculous, I say. I was ROFL! So, yeah. Back to Balestrom, hoping to finally get the minion... And...


Typhoon Kraken? If you say so. Can't be too hard. So I head off.

It said there was only one. Humph! Still...

Ookay... They look scarier standing up. And taller.

Here's one killing me with a thunderbolt which has been smashed over my head in my new Krok gear!

But it soon dies. Then tells me I was a worthy opponent. I should hope so, otherwise I'd be dead.

It... They gave me an Ice robe. Interesting, seeing as it... they were Storm. Huh.

Anyway, back I go, to Balestrom. I'm hoping he'll FINALLY give me my minion... And...


I get my minion, I get my minion, I get my minion, I get my min... yeah, you get it, I'm sure. Guess what else I got?

A lovely Storm Shield. Now, to decorate my dorm. Saving up for a house, hopefully someday I'll be able to afford a decent one... preferably a Marleybone one because they're awesome. Or Dragonspyre. But I've never seen one. I have enough money for a Wooded Cottage but I don't really want one... They're too small. Got about 10,000 gold at the moment (thank you Wizard101 Central!).

Anyway, things to get gold from, quests to do, dogs and Kroks and manders to meet. Got to go. Back soon!

Picture of the day:

Some initiate was doing a spell quest in Colossus Boulevard, clearly. It was basically awesome. I saw a heckhound once... That was in Olde Town, I think. I might have a screenshot... But maybe next time, eh?

Friday, 8 January 2010

One battle with two Nirini Warriors.

As you might be able to tell from the title, this post is about a random, small battle between me and some random Nirini mobs in Krok. Which I totally didn't need to blog about, giving me a valid reason to post this. Heh heh... This post is fun! I should do more of these! Maybe I should film the battles... Nah. No equipment... I wish.

Anyway, on with the battle!

Naturally, I get stuck straight in. I go first! Whoopee! I cast Thermic Shield. What an amazing spell. Because it's Storm. Both the Nirinis passed. What wimps.

Next round, I cast Weakness on Nirini number one. You never know when it might come in handy. And... I hate to admit it, but balance spells are absolutely awesome.

Plus, the first Nirini fizzled. Then the second one cast fire elf. I don't like that spell. It is sooooo annoying! Anyway, back to the battle. I don't think I took any more screenshots, except this one, during the third round.

What I think I was trying to say was 'Look what a rubbish deal I have!'
In the end I used my new wand spell. On the same one. Yes, I have a new wand. It's called the Baron's Staff of Command. It gives me Major Strike, which is cool:

Well, as cool as myth spells get. Which is pretty awesome. And the staff looks like a stick. Which is also pretty awesome.

Anyway, I discarded a few cards, used that, and the first Nirini fizzled again, and the other Nirini passed.

Next round and I had a good set of cards. I used Storm Shark on the second Nirini, which killed it. Hey, it didn't fizzle, I have a right to be happy. The first (and now the only) Nirini passed.

Then I used Stormblade, and was rewarded with another fire elf. Grrr!

And another Storm Shark finished it off. The end. I got a dagger, but nothing on my current one.


And it was lvl 20+. I'm lvl 17. I'm sad.

Still, nearly there! My next post will be about my minion quest! Yay!

Picture of the day:

Me! In Krok gear! With Bookworm badge! And danger hound! I am happy!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, I guess!

It's a bit late, but I haven't been well lately and I haven't had much spare time on my hands (*cough* homework *cough*). I haven't even been on Wizard101 that much. Just dinged level thirteen.  I have also made a new character - Saffron Winterglade. Ice Wizard. Because I want to see how it works out. I think that Ice is one of the best schools to be. And balance. And life. Why am I not these then? Hmm? Because... I'm just not. I never really feel like a life or ice or balance character. I feel like a Storm Wizard! It's destiny! If I believed in that.

And despite being a diviner, until you hit, like, level 30, it's soooooooooooo hard to solo anything BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO HEALTH! It's really annoying, but if you keep going and healing and shielding and trying to actually attack without a fizzle it's totally worth it. I hope.

I defeated Nightshade! I'm awesome! I did it and then my friend ported to me, and then his friend ported to him, and then a friend of the friend of my friend ported to the friend of my friend as well. So yeah.

You will not believe what happened yesterday, though. I went to kill Nightshade, and then some moron ports to me, and his friend to him. They ruined everything! Lol, though, I died twice but they defeated him both times... WHILE I WAS DEAD. They weren't even on that quest.... *sigh*

And I got my lovely little danger hound! I called it Midnight. Now I have Infection! Yay!

But, anyway, got to go now. I'm really tired.... And hungry. For Wizard101.

Picture of the Day:

This is some sort of umm.... I think it's a fish... That I found in GH. On the trial whatsit. It looks like a frog with a leaf sticking out of its back. *shrug*