Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Twelfth Day of Awesome: For some reason, this lasted a lot longer than thirteen days…

HELLO I’M BACK. (Sorry, I was busy at new year and then spent a few days in recovery after a sixteen month wait for a TV show that I’m probably too invested in for it to be healthy…)

On the twelfth day of awesome, this here wiz presents:
Twelve apocalyptic scenarios
Eleven awesome updates

Ten pets a-playing
Nine pictures taken
Eight books for reading
Seven things to do
Six cakes a-baking
Fiiiive videee-ohhhs…
Four epic mounts
Three cool things
Two festive poems
and a post excusing her absence…

(Urgh, now I remember why I don’t write too much poetry… I’m not too good at it. Eesh.)

So, today, I was almost stuck for things to do. almost. (Tomorrow, I will be stuck for things to do… Any ideas, put zem in ze comments.) BUT THEN I thought “Well, the last thing I did was 11 things about 2011, so now I can do 12 things about 2012. So what does one associate with 2012? The apocalypse, of course!”

As such, here are twelve ways the world Spiral might end in 2012 in Wizard101. (Note: these are all completely unfeasible and most are ludicrously silly. Enjoy.)

1. Malistaire, obviously. Who better than our favourite evil villain to rise from the dead (that’s the impossible bit, technically) and rule over the Spiral once and for all? No one. Exactly.

2. Flood. Massive Spiral-encompassing flood… Like Noah’s ark, only this time we’re bringing the unicorns, okay?

3. The Spiral implodes. I have no explanation for this.

4. The Intergalactic police  decide to build a space-bypass thing (can’t remember the name) right through Wizard City. (HA HA HA if you don’t get this you should probably read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy RIGHT NOW.)

5. A meteor made of draconians will come from Dragonspyre. I did warn you these were going to be silly.

6. Wizard City will spontaneously burst into flames. BOOM. But then the pyromancers would survive… You’d better save the rest of us.

7. A calendar from an ancient wizarding civilisation could stop. (Really guys? They probably just got bored.)

8. Supervolcanic eruption. I’ve been doing too much geography homework.

9. An Earthquake gone wrong swallows everyone into the ground. Tut tut, silly novice trying spells that are too hard.

10. The gobblers will start munching their way through all of the planets. Quick, everyone! To Colossus Boulevard! And bring all the jellybeans you own…

11. Angry gorilla cartoon. Don’t pretend you weren’t scared. He’s watching you. ALL of you. No one messes with the angry gorilla from Zafaria.

12. The game crashes. Now that WOULD be an apocalyptic scenario… *shiver*

Ahhh… That was a lovely topic for a post, wasn’t it? Expect something just as (or even more!) exciting tomorrow… Assuming I have any ideas as for what to put… YAY SUSPENSE

Diviner OUT!