Saturday, 30 April 2011



Clicky to biggy.


I needed to feed him. :D

Diviner OUT!

Friday, 29 April 2011

Wintertusk! Test realm! Mounts! Music!

I'm home from Egypt, and had an ear infection, which was a bit rubbish, and then I went back to school for two days and now I have no school for another four days because of... something... (I'm really not particularly interested in the royal wedding. It's great for them and everything but there sure is a lot of fuss over it.)

So I can't get to Wintertusk, because I have done about... Hm, three quests in Grizzleheim? Maybe? I should probably work on that actually. Nat has decided that Wintertusk should be based on Russia, which would be (quote) "AWESOME." ("It would be!")

Test realm:
Took a long time to load but yay it's here yay yay! Also, we all know what the most important update is, here.

YAY :-D ;D :P :D XD ;-P ;-D :-P ;P Now we can all express our need to stick out tongues when something amusing happens!

So, it was... a draw between the Starshine and Moonlight ponies. So I think I will make a personal choice here... Starshine! (I like stars ;-D ... also the moonlight one has a beard, which I find a little odd.)

Also, roaming mounts.

You can't see it too well but I have a pair of flying wings there.

I for one was at first quite excited about the mystery composer... Then I looked at some of the guesses on the facebook page and my excitement was a little... dampened? Well, at least the initials aren't J.B. We're saved in that respect! (thank you KI)

Ok, is all.

Diviner OUT!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

When I say sporadic, I mean sporadic.

So I'm posting twice in one day, for some reason.

I just got a ton of crowns (in Egypt, what is life?) and I think I want to get me one of those shiny new ponies. The problem? THEY ARE ALL TOO AWESOME. Now I've narrowed it down - admittedly just by eliminating one, but it was a tough one to get rid of - and I've decided to stick up a poll to ask for your opinions on my pony predicament.

So feel free to take the time to vote telling me which of the ponies to pick. DO IT. NOW. No pressure or anything. *glares*

In other news, thoughts on these new magic amulets you might have heard about? I don't really think I'll be getting one myself. I generally just use storm magic anyway. I've got all the life spells up to satyr, and I plan to get tower shield as well, but I don't use them. So pretty much useless for me, as exciting as they are...

I want to buy another pet but I don't think I'd have the time left over to train it, what with the other five I have. Oh life is hard. /sarcasm.

Right, that's all I've got today, unless I decide to surprise you with a post later... No, don't worry. I won't.

Evening, folks! Well, it probably isn't evening where you're reading this. But... you know what

Diviner OUT

IRL Krokotopia?

These are terrible pictures; I used my 3DS because I forgot my piccy-camera.

....I went to Egypt. (Haven't met any kroks or manders yet. One can hope though.) Should I have told you that before I left?


Did I?


Why not?
1) I was only told the day before we left. And I had to pack.
2) I'm a terrible blogger. *cries*

Well, sporadic, if anything. (sorry Emma.)

I've been sitting in my hotel room waiting for W101 to load for what feels like forever now, and it's here:

(The patch launcher is too big for my computer screen, as shown. Dearie me. 10.1" = awesome but too small, for future reference)

So, that is pretty much all I have to say today. Well, I bought nintendogs and cats for aforementioned 3DS, so this is pretty much mandatory:

(I'm so childish :D)

Diviner OUT!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Um, so…

I missed a post yesterday. Sorry about that, I guess… Things happened. And by things, I mean, more specifically, a very very late Christmas concert which was delayed due to snow… And snow… And more snow. Nevertheless, it did mean that I had to spent the majority of the day at school rehearsing and such. As a result I had no time whatsoever that day to internet and similar.

Like two days prior to this post, my laptop has decided to lag like a glitchy firecat, so just writing this sentence is pretty painful. Phew. Done. *waits three minutes for those words to be typed*

I also haven’t got any pictures or anything interesting for you today because I have a huge art project due and I’ve been  working on that for forever. Why do all my posts seem to be a big bundle of excuses? Sorry about that.

So I think I’ll go now rather than bore you with an array of boredoms. But before I go – 16 followers? you wonderful people. *interwebz hugz*

Diviner OUT!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Posting things in sections is easier and better.

Part One:
Hey everyone! This is a post which, similarly to Voldermort's soul, comes in 8 kind of destroyed and lame parts. :D Yes, I just did that.

Part Two:
HEADARGH! Am I glad it is no longer Christmas themed? Yes. Yes I am.

Part Three:
I decided to trade in my shiny green DSi XL at GAME... in order to buy a shinier blue 3DS! I can guarantee it is one of the most fantastic things in the world and if possible get one get one get one. Ocarina of time. In a month. This is the win. Alas, my eyes hurt muchly.

Part Four:
It was mother's day on this side today, so I've been busy... Should have posted earlier, alas... Me fail. That is my (lame) excuse as to why this is so disjointed and nasty.

Part Five:
I have been level forty two for weeks now.

I still haven't got stormzilla. WHAT HAVE I DONE?!

Part Six:
I got a sunbird pet!

And I called him Dexter. I have been maze-ing and cannon-ing and dance-ing (wait...) him all day long! ... Well not all day long exactly. But long enough to make me feel as though that is the case. -_-

Part Seven:
I have school tomorrow, but I'm going to try to post anyway... Wish me luck on that one. In related news...

Part Eight:
This is my second day. Pretty neat by my standards. On that note,

Diviner OUT!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

*munches cookie*

So, internet. I understand we haven’t been seeing much of each other recently. It’s ok. That’s probably best for the both of us. I mean, I do have a million and one exams coming up, and you could probably do without me crashing the computer every five minutes. I mean, I know nothing’s going too when even the task manager isn’t responding.

That roughly translates to “Hi everyone. my computer’s had a virus and it’s so laggy it is physically painful.”

To illustrate that point, I will add that in typing those last one and a half lines. I went and did about a third of my maths homework, then, when it went onto screensaver I went back to it, waved the mouse a little, and proceeded to do two more questions. While I wait for this to be typed, I will now do the rest.

*loooooooooong pause*

Wow, it’s not so laggy any more. As I typed the word “laggy” it suddenly started to lag like a lag monster again. Oh dear. If the lag doesn’t kill me, the typos will!

In other news, things:

1) To the surprise of everyone, I am swearing that throughout this month, I am going to post once every single day.

Yes, it won’t last. Yes, I’ll fail. But when I give myself a goal like that, it inspires me to at least try to accomplish it, even if I know it won’t end well. So there’s something to look forward too!

2) I got a graphics tablet, so drawing is a thing I do now.


I, er, haven’t quite got used to it yet.

2.5) That was for my birthday. For my birthday I also got a new guitar (squee), electronic drum kit (second hand mais d’awesome), and an amp on which to play these new thingamajigs (which is really heavy, as my aching back will testify). I have mentioned I am a scatty musicy person, have I not?

3) Part 7! Will come! It’s the Easter holidays soon. In fact, there’s about three days of school in total in April because of public holidays and national event thingies. So I will have time with which to type  things onto pixelplaces and make words and coherence, which I am currently failing miserably at.

4) April Fool’s Day is my favourite day of the year, also my friend’s birthday. :D The teachers at our school pretended that the OFSTED people had suggested we have Saturday morning classes for people who were struggling to meet their targets. We all thought it was a joke at first but then all our teachers were going along with it and it was all scary like until we had RS, and our RS teacher told us it was a joke… Bit embarrassing, that was. Not quite as embarrassing, though, as the class who all copied down the 32nd of March into their books. Anyone else play or hear about any funny pranks?

5) Ahhhh I had something to put here and I have forgotten. OH YEAH. Header. Working on a new one anyway…

I think that’s all. So…

Post-hiatus comeback diviner OUT!