Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Crab Alley

[Forenote: Look, I’m posting today! 2nd day and still not forgotten! Pretty good by my standards, huh?]

Ok, so remember that Selena Gomez thing a while back?

Well, when I logged into W101 today, I remembered that I’d marked Crab Alley from before it was taken off, so, naturally, I teleported right there.


I love that place. I just like the swimming, and seeing as I can’t get to Celestia… Anyway, seeing as I knew I couldn’t get to it the normal way, I decided I’d just mark it again, like I was doing before the last update.

Until Mr “Can’t be marked” Bubble started to tell me off when I tried to do that. :( No more Crab Alley! I even tried to get Nat to teleport and mark it, but then the “Your friend is busy right now” message decided to poke its nose in… (I should stop personifying error messages.)

Sad times, for all. But indeed, at least I have the glory of being probably the last person to ever go there.

LAST SCREENCAP THERE TIME (complete with epic Sweet Staff, because hey, it’s Christmas)


I think I’m gonna miss that place. *nostalgia* Ah, when I first heard that annoying music…


Diviner OUT!

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