Sunday, 8 December 2013

I'm so bad at this

Well, guys, it's that time of year again.


Don't get too excited, I'll be gone in maybe three weeks. I'm here for myself more than anything else at the moment. And for anyone who's reading this I guess. And it's basically to tell you that actually, I won't be gone after three weeks, because...I'm going, now.

I've denied this blog a proper goodbye for far too long. I have never admitted that I actually haven't played Wizard101 or even attempted to write fanfic in months. So this is probably going to be the last post here, unless something particularly exciting happens.

BUT (and oh yes, there is a big but)

This is not the end! Oh no, fellow wizards, who have seen TDD through its sequence of hiatuses spanning the past two/three years. I'm abandoning this blog, but not the Internet itself!

You can find me... here:

I KNOW. I KNOW I SAID I WOULDN'T MOVE TO TUMBLR, but I figure that since I spend so much time on tumblr anyway nowadays... I'll probably be more inclined to update, and therefore play!

And, since it's christmas, I will be posting there every day during the Christmas holidays, which, for me, start on Friday. So you can look forward to that if you care!! :) I'll be blogging about my progress of my new character, who I'll be aiming to get to lvl 50 over the course of the holiday. Which is crazy, I know. But I do love a challenge.

Wait, new character?

Now, you see, there's one more thing. I think one of the main reasons I haven't been able to advance much in W101 is because of time differences. Whenever I was on, there was never anyone around, which kinda sucked, and made it boring. I never made any in-game friends, or at least not for very long, because I was never on at the same time, yadda yadda yadda. Anyway, point is... you know there are versions out for different countries, and have been for a while?

Well, let's just say those gift cards in Sainsbury's will be a forbidden temptation no more.

(I'm starting afresh on a uk account with a new character. But not to worry american friends who may or may not want to meet up in game some time ever. I'm never deleting my original Alex account.)

Anyway, I think that's it. You know where to find me. Email's still up.

See ya in the spiral, guys. It's been a heckhound of a ride. ;)

for the last time, here:
Diviner OUT!


  1. GAH! You and me both (mostly you though) have been hiatus-ing XD Well, at least you're not TOTALLY gone, and I didn't take forever to see this post... Oh well. Good luck on your challenge!! And I'll see you on tumblr (I'm occasionally there) ^_^

    Oh, and want to hear a secret? I'm going to be in England in April!!! I mean, since you live there and all. I would say hello, but since that' would sound WAYYYY too stalkerish, I'll settle with virtual hello's :D

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