Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A wild diviner appears!

Go! Oshawott!

Oshawott uses Tackle!

The diviner uses Lame Excuse!

Oshawott uses Tackle!

You throw a Pokéball!

You captured the wild diviner! Yaaaaaaay!


Okay guys, you got me. I'm sorry. I've been playing too much Pokémon, haven't I? I'm sorry. Honest. I have been busy. Those little guys aren't gonna train themselves now, are they?

On a serious note, I actually have been super super busy. So much stuff has happened since we last spoke, blog-buddies. I've had three concerts, two music exams, a solid week of school exams, and a trip to Florida. To the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, nonetheless! I got back about an hour ago. I tried to write this when I was there, but my 3DS died and I forgot the charger... I'm an idiot, yes I am. And I haven't really played W101 for ages. As far as I remember, I'm still mucking around in Crab Alley. Ha.

Anyway! Enough excusing. You got me. Now, to a Pokémon Centre! Quickly. I'm gonna faint. Come on! Hurry up!


Ahhhh. That's better. So, where was I? Excuses over. Cool? It's summer now, anyway, so I'll have more time to play and post, which will be *clears throat* TOTALLY AWESOME! Similarly is the newly revamped creative writing section, which I am honestly wonderfully delightedly hopelessly ecstatic about. Well, something like that anyway. But yay stories yay!

As for my story, well... It's getting there. I'm gonna merge parts seven and eight because they're a bit boring. And I think it's starting to get a bit convoluted. Erk. Well, I'm working on it, and shall we say I'll have it done by the end of the month? I think that sounds okay. I'll just be off playing Po-- um, finishing the next part of my story! Of course!

Diviner OUT!


  1. hahahaah TOTTALY AWESOME!!!

  2. Yaaay!! Alex is back! Again!
    I can't wait for the story! I'm sure it's gonna be TOTALLY AWESOME!!!
    And omigosh Pokemon!!! My sister has a Pokemon game on her DS and I've only just discovered the awesomeness. Yep, I've been on it a bit too much too...

  3. I was laughing SO hard at the beginning of the post. XD And... you have a 3DS! Wow! You're, like, the only other wizard I know that has one! Do you have Ocarina of Time 3D? Because that game is just awesome.

    ...Annnnyyywaaay... enough gaming nerdiness....

    I understand your excuses COMPLETELY. Why do you think Part 15 of The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze isn't completed yet? I just HAVE to find Ganon and defeat him. I just HAVE to find that second dungeon. I just HAVE to get that last Heart Piece and Skulltula token. I just HAVE to go back to Nayru's house and go back in time. I just HAVE to get that Yoshi Doll from the Trendy Game.

    Surely you understand, right? :P

    You know, I'm jealous of you. You're naturally funny... I wish I had that kind of talent.

    Okay, that was a very random comment. That last part, I mean. And the Zelda rant part, too, kind of. Sorry. O_o

  4. Alex Stormrider (is too lazy to log in)15 July 2011 at 20:26

    @Shoey: *hi-fives*

    @Sarah: *hi-fives also* Pokemon can be addicting. Not that I'd, like, know or anything.

    @Sierra: (hee, I just realized that all of your names begin with an s! This amuses me!) *another hi-five - why not?* OMG YES I HAVE OCARINA OF TIME! I appreciate Zelda games. I don't, like, have all of them, but I got Minish Cap when I was like six and had no clue what the heckhound it was, but then I picked up my GBA two years or so ago and started playing it and I have been a Nintendo nut since. And I can completely understand the gaming procrastination. *nods*

    And thanks, I guess... I'm not really naturally funny in that nasty real world thing where you have to, like, look people in the eye! And talk to them! :O I just go all awkward and mumbly.

    Oh, and I don't mind random comments! Randomness is one of the few things I am fairly good at understanding. Randomness is good! :D


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