Saturday, 11 August 2012

Good morning!

Right here, it's before 9am, which seems insanely early for the summer holidays in my opinion. However, I have allowed myself to fall drastically behind with my word count on Camp NaNo, and so, because I have no idea how to rectify this without going slightly insane, I will talk to my fellow blogging friends about it. :)

The problem: my word count is less than a third of what it should be.

The reason: I can attribute this to four things:

  • The Olympics. It's kind of addictive. I didn't know I'd feel this involved! And yet I find myself following the athletics like... like... I can't even think of a good enough simile.
  • My old laptop got fixed, and now I can play Wizard101 whenever I want!
  • Writing fanfiction with some fairly important characters during the middle of a novel is actually quite difficult. Having to make sure all the conversations with the main characters are agreeing with what's actually in the book and that the characters aren't out of character... it's tough, man!
  • I've been quite lazy.
The solution: write more, and quickly.

SO, I have decided that this weekend is going to be what is known in the NaNo business as a '10k weekend' which means word sprints, no social life, little sleep, and lots of insanity. That won't even bring my word count up to what it needs to be, so I'll still be writing at a furious pace after that. I'm really not focusing on quality any more, because it's not particularly good, or even accuracy - I can edit it later if I think it's good enough to grace the Internet. (probably not)

I may be keeping you updated with my progress, or I may be being sensible and using that time to write more. (...who am I kidding? Me? Sensible?)

Wish me luck!

Diviner OUT!

P.S. The good news, however, is that what I have done so far, upon being pasted into the 'I write like' text analyser...

I write like
J. K. Rowling

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

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