Thursday, 26 July 2012

This post is in three parts:

Decision = made

I'm staying, guys.


So, this blog will (hopefully) remain active, and as of yet I have no plans to move to tumblr. To the five people who voted: thank you - I wasn't sure about it and staying here seems like a smarter move now I think of it.

Some things you might want to know

If anyone reading teh blog doesn't know yet - or doesn't regularly check the Ravenwood news section of the website - or keeps being redirected to the UK version which, for the record, is really annoying - here are two things:

1) You can get a free Brave hound because of the good work on sharing the Forbes article, by either heading through the July Ravenwood news or going straight to (which is likely to expire at some point soon so go go go).

2) Some of the hoard packs are now reduced by 50%! Spend your crowns wisely, wizards, and know a good bargain when you see one! NOTE: I'm pretty sure this ends today, so get a wriggle on, folks!

Wait hold on that's probably not going to happen now

Hold up. I just said this blog will remain active, didn't I?



I might have... possibly... maybe... managed to... consider...

Camp NaNoWriMo.

I'm sure you can all remember the craziness I went through in November as I somehow pulled through to write 50,000 words in under a month, while still somehow managing a merit in my sax exam and full marks in a maths module.

But now a month lies ahead of me. A month of free time, british summer weather, Olympic-mania (seriously - if you don't live in the UK you have no idea how worked up everyone's getting about it. Every town I've visited in the past few days - and I went to chemistry camp 200 miles away - has had banners up. Mental.) and, now I've decided to do this, near insanity.

I know, I know. "But Alex! What about that story you started writing three years ago and still haven't finished?!" Well... It will be finished. I will finish it at some point. However... maybe not this month. I have been bubbling over with ideas recently, and I have been sitting on a ridiculous HP fanfiction idea for a long while... (No, really. There are wads of paper fluttering through my copy of Order of the Phoenix as we speak...) so Camp NaNoWriMo it is, for me!

If anyone else is interested in going completely insane next month (unlikely), leave a comment or email or something then we can be writing buddies and help each other a) write and b) become even more insane. Sounds like fun, no?

Nevertheless, I will try to keep this blog updated pretty frequently. I mean, I'm sure you'll want to see what I'm doing with the opportunity of half-price packs in the Crown store in front of me, right?

For now,
Diviner OUT!


  1. YAY! You're staying!!

    Camp NaNoWriMo? * goes to website * Cool!
    I've... um... seemed to have... well... forgotten my loggin -.- (guess I'll just make a new one.)
    But that sounds great! Weren't we writing buddied last time? You made it and I failed at 15,000. I'll need to find out more, but writing buddies (again) would be great!

    50% off? Darn, I'm crownless.

    1. Alex (is too lazy to log in)28 July 2012 at 11:59

      Awesome! This is gonna be good fun! If we don't go insane first. But yay! FUN! (I'm iinternaut by the way...)


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