Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Um, so…

I missed a post yesterday. Sorry about that, I guess… Things happened. And by things, I mean, more specifically, a very very late Christmas concert which was delayed due to snow… And snow… And more snow. Nevertheless, it did mean that I had to spent the majority of the day at school rehearsing and such. As a result I had no time whatsoever that day to internet and similar.

Like two days prior to this post, my laptop has decided to lag like a glitchy firecat, so just writing this sentence is pretty painful. Phew. Done. *waits three minutes for those words to be typed*

I also haven’t got any pictures or anything interesting for you today because I have a huge art project due and I’ve been  working on that for forever. Why do all my posts seem to be a big bundle of excuses? Sorry about that.

So I think I’ll go now rather than bore you with an array of boredoms. But before I go – 16 followers? you wonderful people. *interwebz hugz*

Diviner OUT!


  1. Post. Soon.
    I miss not hearing from another storm person. Not that Tristen and Keiran are bad, but it's not the same! *pouts*
    Seriously, it's almost May.
    Not that I'm mad.
    BTA, *interwebx hug back*

  2. Right, guess the blogging-every-day plan failed then. Sorry about that.

    Now, however, I am in real-life-Krokotopia. Egypt. And I only have my small laptop so I can't even finish my story. But I'll try and get W101 working. (Thank heavens this place has WiFi.) And post, of course! Rightio, wish me luck...


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