Friday, 29 April 2011

Wintertusk! Test realm! Mounts! Music!

I'm home from Egypt, and had an ear infection, which was a bit rubbish, and then I went back to school for two days and now I have no school for another four days because of... something... (I'm really not particularly interested in the royal wedding. It's great for them and everything but there sure is a lot of fuss over it.)

So I can't get to Wintertusk, because I have done about... Hm, three quests in Grizzleheim? Maybe? I should probably work on that actually. Nat has decided that Wintertusk should be based on Russia, which would be (quote) "AWESOME." ("It would be!")

Test realm:
Took a long time to load but yay it's here yay yay! Also, we all know what the most important update is, here.

YAY :-D ;D :P :D XD ;-P ;-D :-P ;P Now we can all express our need to stick out tongues when something amusing happens!

So, it was... a draw between the Starshine and Moonlight ponies. So I think I will make a personal choice here... Starshine! (I like stars ;-D ... also the moonlight one has a beard, which I find a little odd.)

Also, roaming mounts.

You can't see it too well but I have a pair of flying wings there.

I for one was at first quite excited about the mystery composer... Then I looked at some of the guesses on the facebook page and my excitement was a little... dampened? Well, at least the initials aren't J.B. We're saved in that respect! (thank you KI)

Ok, is all.

Diviner OUT!

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