Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Fansite Pack.

I recently downloaded the W101 fansite pack, and I noticed two things.

One: they update it. Last time I downloaded it, there were definitely no Celestia things, and I swear that half the images weren't there...

Two: speaking of the images, there are some beautiful pictures of dragon pets which I've never seen, either because of my ignorance, lack of crowns, or six-month hiatus.

Here are a few.

Okay, so here's your typical dragon. This one is blue. It has a neat little stripy tail.
This guy doesn't look like anything special, but he's a summer dragon. Nat has one of these, actually. There was a promotional code pretty widely available a while ago, when we first started playing.
 And this is where it starts getting seriously cool. While the file is called simply Yellow Dragon, this dude has all those awesome fiery stripy things down its back and is basically awesome.

As for this one? I have no words. The awesomeness makes me incoherent. hjksdfshl. This one is called a Fragmented Dragon, also known as "seriously freaking awesome."

And that pretty much wraps it up.  Dragons are awesome.

For now, Diviner OUT!

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