Sunday, 10 January 2010

Minion Time! YAY!

As you may have guessed...

I get my minion! Just dinged lvl 18! Going to do quest now! I don't like Krok! That was random! Still! I get my minion!

I get some note thing from Prof Balestrom, saying he 'needs my assistance'. So I port straight to my dorm room. Then I go talk to him.

He says:

And that he will teach me how to summon a minion and go talk to Harold Argleston. Cue Quest: Inquisition Mission. PORT! RUN!

Harold says:

And adds:

Honestly! Back to Ravenwood. PORT! RUN! KROK!

Zan'ne says:

So I run upstairs...

Get excited...

And go talk to Professor Balestrom.

He says:

And adds:

Argh! Krok! Again! Just give me the minion, will you? POR-- Wait, just RUN!

I go to the well, fully expecting to be done quickly and...

What does this mean?

Lightning bats! Lol, they had the most ridiculous squeaky voices. Ridiculous, I say. I was ROFL! So, yeah. Back to Balestrom, hoping to finally get the minion... And...


Typhoon Kraken? If you say so. Can't be too hard. So I head off.

It said there was only one. Humph! Still...

Ookay... They look scarier standing up. And taller.

Here's one killing me with a thunderbolt which has been smashed over my head in my new Krok gear!

But it soon dies. Then tells me I was a worthy opponent. I should hope so, otherwise I'd be dead.

It... They gave me an Ice robe. Interesting, seeing as it... they were Storm. Huh.

Anyway, back I go, to Balestrom. I'm hoping he'll FINALLY give me my minion... And...


I get my minion, I get my minion, I get my minion, I get my min... yeah, you get it, I'm sure. Guess what else I got?

A lovely Storm Shield. Now, to decorate my dorm. Saving up for a house, hopefully someday I'll be able to afford a decent one... preferably a Marleybone one because they're awesome. Or Dragonspyre. But I've never seen one. I have enough money for a Wooded Cottage but I don't really want one... They're too small. Got about 10,000 gold at the moment (thank you Wizard101 Central!).

Anyway, things to get gold from, quests to do, dogs and Kroks and manders to meet. Got to go. Back soon!

Picture of the day:

Some initiate was doing a spell quest in Colossus Boulevard, clearly. It was basically awesome. I saw a heckhound once... That was in Olde Town, I think. I might have a screenshot... But maybe next time, eh?

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