Friday, 8 January 2010

One battle with two Nirini Warriors.

As you might be able to tell from the title, this post is about a random, small battle between me and some random Nirini mobs in Krok. Which I totally didn't need to blog about, giving me a valid reason to post this. Heh heh... This post is fun! I should do more of these! Maybe I should film the battles... Nah. No equipment... I wish.

Anyway, on with the battle!

Naturally, I get stuck straight in. I go first! Whoopee! I cast Thermic Shield. What an amazing spell. Because it's Storm. Both the Nirinis passed. What wimps.

Next round, I cast Weakness on Nirini number one. You never know when it might come in handy. And... I hate to admit it, but balance spells are absolutely awesome.

Plus, the first Nirini fizzled. Then the second one cast fire elf. I don't like that spell. It is sooooo annoying! Anyway, back to the battle. I don't think I took any more screenshots, except this one, during the third round.

What I think I was trying to say was 'Look what a rubbish deal I have!'
In the end I used my new wand spell. On the same one. Yes, I have a new wand. It's called the Baron's Staff of Command. It gives me Major Strike, which is cool:

Well, as cool as myth spells get. Which is pretty awesome. And the staff looks like a stick. Which is also pretty awesome.

Anyway, I discarded a few cards, used that, and the first Nirini fizzled again, and the other Nirini passed.

Next round and I had a good set of cards. I used Storm Shark on the second Nirini, which killed it. Hey, it didn't fizzle, I have a right to be happy. The first (and now the only) Nirini passed.

Then I used Stormblade, and was rewarded with another fire elf. Grrr!

And another Storm Shark finished it off. The end. I got a dagger, but nothing on my current one.


And it was lvl 20+. I'm lvl 17. I'm sad.

Still, nearly there! My next post will be about my minion quest! Yay!

Picture of the day:

Me! In Krok gear! With Bookworm badge! And danger hound! I am happy!

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