Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Second Day of Awesome: Poetry!

On the second day of awesome this here wiz presents:
Two festive poems,
And a post excusing her long absence.

HEY! (that makes two days, oh yeah)

I'm not much of a poet. ("That sounds like Alex wrote it," to quote myself on my own prophecy.) I won a school poetry competition (the theme was atrocious, though) this year. The prize was a £5 book token. But when I hear about poetry competitions with this as a prize, I simply can't help myself.

(If you're interested, here it is: HERE.)

So I present to you, as promised in my little poem (you like what I'm doing there, huh?) two (yes, two) festive poems (one's a haiku but whatever), for the second day of awesome:

'Twas Christmas in the Spiral, when not so long ago,
A thaumaturge was asking where she could find some snow.
"We make it in our lessons, but it never ever stays -
I wish that we could find some snow so we could run and play."
Greyrose paused and thought a while then realised she knew:
"Go to old O'Doyle and he'll tell you what to do."
And soon the thaumaturge was munching where the white snow gleams.
(Christmas is the time the gobblers share their jelly beans.)

Spiral snow season,
It's best to stay alert, as--
Argh! Evil snowman!

Right, that enough awesome for today? I think so.

Diviner OUT!

P.S. I know, I'm doing this a day later than each one being released. I'm going to blame it on time zones. (It's mostly just me being lazy.)

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  1. Love your first poem! Better than mine by all means. Though I can't remember what mine is.....

    And love the new header. Wish I could be better at MS paint or whatever you use.


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