Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Tenth Day of Awesome: I WANT IT

Come on, admit it. There is NOTHING more awesome than this guy. (Except maybe the pet rock. Oh, the pet rock was incredible.)

On the tenth day of awesome, this here wiz presents:
Ten pets a-playing
Nine pictures taken
Eight books for reading
Seven things to do
Six cakes a-baking
Fiiiiivee videee-ooooosss…
Four epic mounts
Three cool things
Two festive poems
and a post excusing her absence…

Right, so, today I wanted to introduce all of you to my pets. (I’m going to say it now: they’re all still babies and I haven’t trained a single one. I tried, temporarily, but then I was busy and W101 was all about questing and… maybe I’ll get around to it some day…)


This is Chase, who is quite clearly a black cat that I got at Halloween last year. He’s awesome. (Note: do you think black cats are unlucky in the US? Because we think they’re lucky, yay, Chase is lucky.)


Say hi to Dexter! He’s a sunbird, I think. It might have another funny name… Yes, a Firewing. I can’t remember where I got him… It might have been in Krokotopia…


This is Lady Xena, a “utility dragon” which I’m fairly certain came from some sort of giveaway. (It’s funny how you can tell which ones I’ve changed the names of and which ones… not.


Hunter’s a heckhound – the standard Krokotopia model – you know, the one you buy from the mander in the place… I’m not going anywhere with this. But he’s cool.


I lied when I said they were all babies. Midnight’s a TEEN danger hound. Yeah, that’s right. TEEN. I got this dawg from a giveaway from W101 Central ages ago, so now they’re pretty rare, I reckon.


This is Lexi. She’s a storm snake. I got her fighting some boss in Marleybone yesterday, so she’s the newest addition to the clan.


I challenge you to find a worse name for a boar knight than “Miss Lucky”. Go on, try it. Have fun with that.


Spencer the sea turtle probably wins the adorable prize. Aw, look at him. Titchy little thing compared to, uh, Miss Lucky, or Lord Cassie. *wince*


And finally, I give you Rocky, my faithful Storm Hound companion since forever. (Well, since I first bought Crowns.) He’s the awesomest of all the awesomes there are.

So, that’s all… one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine… Wait, nine? Oh, I nearly forgot.


Meet Blue the snowball, everyone! WOO! SNOWBALLS! SNOW!

So…  guys? Did anyone see this?      image      (Yes, I’m doing thirteen too.) I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post tomorrow – I’ll be driving through France in order to get to die Schweiz, and that means a day in the car. On the bright side, Sherlock marathon! Doctor Who marathon! Harry Potter rereads! On the downside, no internet. :( Don’t worry. I’ll be back. But for now…

Diviner OUT!

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  1. In think in my past fan-fic Argentum Magia I bought you a Storm Hound named Rocky (not a coincidence, did that on purpose). It was after something like... you nearly saw me killed or something. It was Malistaire I think. It was in Krokotopia and in the Krokapatra's dungeon and Malistaire mysteriously mystified out of no where and threatened to kill you or something but I stepped in front of you and then I bought you Rocky.

    Or, something like that.

    Either way those are seriously AWESOME pets. Snowball guy is really cute. And if you remember which boss you fought to get Lexi I'm gonna get this heckhound computer fixed and get back on cause I'm practically going through withdrawal symptoms xD. Ah well.
    I don't believe in black cats, but I did used to believe that "if you step on a crack you break you mothers back." But of course, I've stepped on plenty of cracks (sometimes I try to step on cracks, for fun of course!) and my mother has never broken her back.
    As for 'Miss Lucky'.... uh, wow.

    Wait till you get the quest to learn Storm Lord though, uh never mind. I'm not giving it away!!!! But I'm sure you'll be posting about it. Cause it's pretty awesome.

    Anyway, I better not talk about my pets (eve though I only have five) cause I have to do history (procrastinating right there) before I go to bed which is..... soon.


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