Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Eleventh Day of Awesome: HI LOL

So, there was no wi-fi in Switzerland. Sorry. Happy Christmas?

On the eleventh day of awesome, this here wiz presents:
Eleven awesome updates

Ten pets a-playing
Nine pictures taken
Eight books for reading
Seven things to do
Six cakes a-baking
Fiiiive videee-ohhhs…
Four epic mounts
Three cool things
Two festive poems
and a post excusing her absence…

So yeah, here are my top 11 game updates in 2011. (Get it? 11 in 2011? Like, 2011? Yeah? … I know, that was awful.)

1) Subscriber benefits
It pays to… um, pay. Monthly. Or yearly. Either way, I know that, being an extremely forgetful and somewhat lazy person, I have most certainly exceeded the backpack limit. And even when the limit is extended I’ve done it as well. Eh…

2) Celestia
I know. It’s technically late 2010. And I haven’t been there. But it’s underwater.

3) Roaming mounts
I’m going to be honest – the thing I find coolest about this is that you can have a random pair of wings flapping around your house. And it’s slightly weird, but totally awesome. Also, giant sea turtles making friends with baby sea turtles. Awhh!

4) Wand Stitching
YES! I was extremely happy to hear this. I mean, the Baron’s Staff of Command looks nice, but those 50 hit myth blasts or whatever they’re called are so initiate. Now I can have power pips and fun stuff too! YAY!

5) Cleanse Charm pip change
Look, I’ll be honest: Cleanse Charm and Disarm are some of the best things about being a storm wizard, especially when you’re trying to knock through a bunch of balance mobs with Tempest and they’re like “lolnope, weakness time!” and where normally you would be “dang and blast, I’ve trapped ‘em all and I only have storm wand spells” you can go “HA HA sucks to you, ZAP, there goes that weakness.” I always have one of these in my deck. Always. So costing one less pip is a big improvement for super awesome diviners everywhere.

image     6) Reintroduced emoticons!
     Where would we be without our trusty friend semi-colon dash P, eh? ;-Pimage

     7) WYSTERIA
I love Wysteria. Mental, I know. But it might just be my third favourite world. (Marleybone, guys. Then good ol’ Wizard City.) I mean, you can hardly beat a Hogwarts-imitation school populated by magical pigs, can you?

8) Teleporters.
SO USEFUL, guys. SO USEFUL. No running around everywhere in the house. Just zip, and you’re there. And you can move between houses. That’s like, really super cool and also convenient.

9) The ability to feed your pet random stuff.
Here, Rocky! You just eat this lamp post. And this rug. And this bubbling cauldron. And I get gold! Good boy! Who’s a clever little Storm Hound? Now, would you like a little park bench as a snack? That’s right, nom nom nom. What a clever little boy you are!

10) Music player!
This is awesome, especially as in my house, as you may know, I have rooms based on several worlds and such, so in the Marleybone room you can hear Marleybone music and in the Krokotopia room you can hear Krokotopian music and in the MooShu room you can hear MooShu moo-sic… OKAY I’M SORRY.image

11) Zafaria
“But you haven’t even been there, yet, Alex! Heckhounds, you haven’t even been to Celestia yet. Or really gotten anywhere in Dragonspyre.” That does not mean, however, that I cannot appreciate the mother of all wizdoodles, which was spawned from Zafarian ideas. Come on. ANGRY TRIBAL GORILLA WITH STICK THING FTW.

Annnd that’s all for today—and a happy new year, folks!

Diviner OUT!


  1. Wow...I missed a lot, huh? Sorry about never getting to all these days of totally awesome. :P Merry belated Christmas to you too. (I can't believe I didn't even post about Christmas. *facedesk*) So, how were the holidays for ya?

  2. My dad fixed out computer so I have to check out the feeding-your-pet-absurdly-random-things if you get gold for it.
    You do NOT want to know how broke I am.

    And SO happy to have you back. I kept checking your blog and be like "where the heckhound is ALex? She's a little late on her 13 days of Christmas." Either way, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year's Eve!

  3. Alex (is still too lazy to log in)5 January 2012 at 13:07

    @Sarah: SARAH! HI AGAIN! Welcome back. Holidays were pretty awesome, other than limited wi-fi (shock horror), because I got to go skiing! Wheeee! Skiing is fun. How were your holidays?

    @Emma: Hee, I have the same problem... There's never enough gold to buy all those pets, and awesome gear, and housing items, and lampposts... ;)
    And I'm still running a bit late, actually, so... I'd better get on that...

  4. NO. WAY. I went skiing too! :D That is so cool; we're like extreme winter sports buddies! Well, probably not really because it was my first time and everything. But skiing IS fun, even with a limited amount of snow. (It was maybe fifty degrees when we got there. :/ They had to manufacture snow, apparently.) S other than a faceplant in the mud, LOADS of fun.

    Let's see...skiing, Harry Potter themed presents, playing Wii games half the day (one of which was HP themed), and of course seeing the family. All in all a pretty successful holiday, I'd say. :)


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