Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Sixth Day of Awesome: WHAT DO THEY KNOW???

It's like they could read my mind! One day, a post on epictastic mounts, the next...


Right. Yeah. CHRISTMAS!

On the sixth day of awesome this here wiz presents:

Six cakes a-baking,
Five videos
Four epic mounts,
Three awesome things,
Two festive poems,
and a post excusing her absence.

Okay, some of you might have seen that and thought "OMG CAKES NOMZ." Unfortunately, I haven't worked out a way to get cake onto the internet. (If I had, I would both  be rich and you would be eating cake.) Instead, I decided to talk about W101-related cakes that would be super-awesome. (If I had my tablet, I would draw them, but I'm at my grandparents'...)

I'm in a really random mood today, which is why this post is so...weird. XD

Naturally, like the last four posts, they are numbered in delightful list form.

  • ONE: Ninja pigs.
    So iconic, so striking, so absolutely mega awesome! I can picture this one. And it's like bacon, because it's pigs, but on a cake, so cake bacon... bacon cake... I don't know. YOU DECIDE.
  • TWO: Stormzilla.
    Me? Biased? Never.
  • THREE: Ravenwood logo.
    It's not quite as iconic, but still awesome.
  • FOUR: Wizard101 logo
    Well, it's THE logo... Not very original, admittedly, but still...
  • FIVE: Heckhound.
    Of all the non-storm spells there are... This one is definitely the coolest.
  • SIX: Your school symbol.
    I know it's kind of weird, but I really really like the spell trace symbol things for each of the schools. They're absolutely brilliant and I just love the designs - especially the storm and star school ones. These would be good on cupcakes, I imagine.
Annnnnnnnnnnddddddd I gotta go, so
Diviner OUT!


  1. I saw a cake with the wizard101 logo once. Searching wizard101 on google images or something. It was a while ago but it was a really cool cake.
    The storm symbol cake would be awesome. Any storm spell cake. Any spell from any school cake really.

    I should try that. Make a storm cake. I'm gonna do that over holiday break.

  2. Funny you should say... XD (next post lulz)


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